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Bambum Office & Showroom

location: Istanbul, Turkey

year: 2022

type: office & showroom

status: built

area: 755 m²

In the Hadimkoy district of Istanbul, two storey office and showroom project designed for Bambum Company which produces housewares bamboo products. The upper floor was built as a showroom where the products made by this company were shown, while the first floor was constructed as Bambum's office. Due to insufficient daylighting on the floors, permeability is one of the project's initial strategies. Many of the spaces are designed to be open in order to provide this permeability, and the areas surrounding the open spaces—rare sources of daylight—are made to be spaces with high permeability. The design and selection of lighting components likewise go in this direction. Bamboo, the company's primary material, can be found in numerous areas throughout the office and showroom in both its raw and processed forms. History of the company and remarkable memories plugged into the office environments. 

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