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Bodrum House 

location: Muğla, Turkey

year: 2022

type: house

status: underconstruction

area: 330 m²

“The Bodrum House” is a duplex structured residential building with a guest house located in Bodrum, Muğla. The Guest house consists of the sauna and fitness area and is aimed to be hidden of the landscape. The property overlooks the ancient city and the Bodrum Castle. The house tries to fit in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and adjust sensitively to the natural slope. It is sculpted by the forces around it.


The major perspective of Bodrum was primarily taken into consideration when designing the house, however simplicity cames with first. Although, there are many diverse artistic niches such as statues and painting throughout the house, despite the fact that simplicity is at its core. In the living room and kitchen of the house, you can clearly see the deep blue sea of Bodrum, which welcomes us as soon as we approach the grounds of the property. The same view greets us as we descend from the ground floor to the lower floor and are met with a beautiful living area. On this floor, there are 4 different ensuites. Users could reach the garden of the house from any room on the lower floor. The fluidity of this natural-materials-built home never wanes, but each occupant has their own private spaces due to the preservation of personal isolation. Naturalness is preserved even when being inside of home because of the usage of travertine through the walls and contemporary approach to the cultural terrazzo floors. The notion for the house's design is carried over to the landscaping design. Numerous isolated diverse seating spaces have been created in multiple places.

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