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Istanbul Office

location: Istanbul, Turkey

year: 2021

type: office

status: concept

area:3500 m²

It all started with the idea that the administrative units of the production facility located in Istanbul were disconnected from each other and the communication between the units was inadequate. Accordingly, a new office with 2300 sqm was decided to be built on an area that can be described as quite narrow on the existing land. Main questions asked during the design process of the building were i) how the office structure should be on a land of a production facility, ii) how should the units be related to each other, and iii) how should they be related to the existing structure? “I like ruins because what remains is not the total design, but the clarity of thought, the naked structure, the spirit of the thing.” Tadao Ando. It was an inevitable scenario for an office building in an industrial facility to fit to the carrier structure, which is the most basic element in the existence of a building, and to make the structure bare as much as possible. 

The fact that the existing construction is both perpendicular to the main access road and parallel to each other; and personnel entrances are at two different levels by taking the advantage of the elevation difference on the land was an important reference point during the planning of the building. Accordingly, the approach towards the separation of functions was strengthened by dividing the new building’s entrances into two different levels and by differentiating the load-bearing systems. The office was designed as an open office with naked structure. Social spaces and personnel entrance were deployed on the upper level. The thermal comfort in the building was aimed to increase with the addition of sunblind shell considering the geographical location. Floor spaces and stairs were added in addition to the main vertical transportation elements to strengthen the communication of units on different floors with each other.

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