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DSC_0076_kapak 02.jpg

PKF Istanbul

location: Istanbul, Turkey

year: 2020

type: office

status: built

area: 700 m²

The PKF Istanbul Accountants & Business Advisers projects design journey started with the requirement of an additional office space. Thus, 700 sqm office space added additionally to its existing offices in Maslak. The desire of preserving the existing dividing elements in the office area generated the question to be examined "to preserve the existing or why to reconstruct it?". According to the requested program, firstly the spaces that need to be protected are determined and the spaces are set up in a linear planimetry order. Afterwards the filled surfaces parallel to the facade are reduced to enrich the interaction between work spaces and common area and the relevant spaces receive maximum amount of light during the day. The material change on the floor and the variations in the vertical elements such as the translucent glass dividers, colored solid panels and wooden lamellae designed for diversifying the spatial relations, generating differentiations in its perception and maintaining the publicity-privacy balance.

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